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Customized Solutions

Computer-aided manufacturing is a well-established field with many different software solutions on the market. Unfortunately, these quick solutions often don’t fit distinctly into your particular manufacturing processes or products costing you additional time and money. Tucker Innovations solves this problem by developing customized solutions to match your unique needs. Perhaps you wish to gain an advantage over your competitors by developing a proprietary process requiring specialized software features, let our experienced team of professionals introduce you to our game-changing  technologies and develop a specialized solution for you.

  • Innovative 3D scanning and rapid prototyping technologies
  • Specialized features to help automate your manufacturing processes
  • Customized software solutions developed with your unique processes in mind

Recent Projects

Introducing SculptPrint

Tucker Innovations is currently in the process of commercializing our new software product called SculptPrint.  SculptPrint takes in a 3D model and generates the G-Code necessary to have it produced on a machine tool or similar device. By highly leveraging GPU processing, we are able to accomplish an advanced software solution where CAD design models are converted to a novel volume data structure. The resulting process produces complex geometries with narrow regions of access for metal cutting tools.

Learn More About SculptPrint