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Enhanced Warfighting

Tucker Innovations is honored to provide advanced GPU processing technology in support of our military. Our innovative technologies ultimately improve speed and response times resulting in game-changing solutions for the warfighter.

  • Utilize GPU computing to process big data in near real time
  • Experience in GIS virtual globe technologies such as NASA WorldWind and Google Earth
  • 3D visualization that organizes & declutters the battlefield view on land, air, sea, and near space

Recent Projects

Electronic Warfare Visualizations

Produced by Tucker Innovations, the images below were in support of a project supporting electronic warfare missions of the US Navy. The project relied on GPU processing to incorporate high-density terrain impact information into the shape of radar jamming. Visualizations were provided of the aircraft, emitting threat radar shapes, and the affect of radar jamming. The application of GPU processing in this project resulted in 100x speed improvement.

The visualizations shown here were developed in conjunction with Chesapeake Technology International (CTI)

Visit CTI’s Website